Automatically track all your Optimizely A/B tests on your calendar.

Integrate Optimizely with OptiCalendar and sync all your tests with your favorite calendar app. Always see what's active, what will launch, and when tests ran.

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Integrate Optimizely with your calendar.

Optimizely Calendar Integrations

Google Calendar

Atlassian Confluence


Outlook Calendar

Why use OptiCalendar?

Plan and roadmap your A/B tests

Plan Ahead

Add tests weeks, even months, ahead in your calendar. Import them into Optimizely when ready.

Store Optimizely experiment hypothesis in the calendar.

Track Hypotheses

Store your test hypotheses with the calendar items so you can keep track of your wins and losses.

Schedule Optimizely tests to launch from OptiCalendar

Launch Tests

Schedule tests to launch directly from your calendar. Just set a date, time, and OptiCalendar does the rest!

Get a bird’s eye view of all of your experiments.

Have a quick view to see when all tests were active on your website. Invaluable for doing site traffic analysis. Get quick reference to each test’s variations and audience.

OptiCalendar top screenshot

Roadmap your conversion optimization.

Planning your A/B tests just got easier. Add experiments weeks, even months, ahead in your calendar. Import them into Optimizely when ready to launch.

conversion optimization roadmap
Share your tests with team members graphic

Share your A/B test schedule with the rest of your team.

Never again get asked "what test were we running then?" OptiCalendar easily syncs across everyone's calendar so the whole team can quickly see what test ran when.

Empower your team.

OptiCalendar helps your marketing team at all levels.

"I don't have time to look up what test ran when. OptiCalendar saves me the trouble by letting everyone else see."

Photograph of Jay Baer

Julie Pickzel
Web Designer

"Keeping track of past test hypotheses was a pain. Now all are quickly referenced right in my calendar."

Photograph of Jay Baer

Chris Crow
Growth Hacker

"Being able to see what tests we've run, what is running, and what's coming up is invaluable."

Photograph of Jay Baer

Harry Ippo
Marketing Director

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